Our Facilities

Our 60m x 20m school has a sand and rubber surface and is fully floodlit for those dark, winter evenings. The school has mirrors to assist with schooling sessions and a full set of show jumps is available for use in the school. Our second school is slightly smaller than 60m x 20m and has a carpet fibre surface. A full set of floodlights means riding in the dark is available. Neither of the schools freeze or flood and both are harrowed regularly to maintain a good surface.   We are lucky to have the option of a lunge pen in addition to the two schools. The all-weather surface means it is always usable whatever time of year and a floodlight means lunging in the dark is never a problem.

If the weather is too bad for the horses to get to the fields, we have two bark pens that they can have a leg stretch in. One of them is small enough if a horse is on box rest and can’t be turned out for any reason. They can enjoy the sun on their backs by standing with a hay net whilst not being able to run around.

We have an area with a hot wash and 2 solariums for an extra lamer session.  

Our grass track is open during summer months only which runs the perimeter of Lakeside.  This is ideal if want to go for a lovely hack and take in the beautiful views or just do some canter work.  The grass track measures just short of 2 miles. 

A 7.5 furlong all-weather track gives the option of an alternative to schooling, whilst still being onsite. An excellent way to improve your horse’s fitness or just go for an amble on a sunny evening.  In the summer months we offer a separate jump field and cross country fences. Containing a full set of show jumps and a range of cross country fences, there is plenty of room to practice your jumping over a variety of fences.

Our facilities also include a six horse walker, which has a non slip, rubber surface.

All stables measure 14 x 14 and are fitted with rubber mats. Having bars at the top instead of a solid wall means the horses are calm and peaceful as they can always see their neighbours.  We are one of the few yards in the area that offer all year round turnout. This may be limited in extreme winter weather, but our aim is to turn out on as many days of the year as possible. We have recently re-fenced the whole of Lakeside with electric fencing up to the mains for extra safety for the horses.  Turn out is available either in pairs or as individuals. 

Security is a priority at Lakeside. The main entrance to our yard is a code operated electric gate, which has the code changed several times a year. In addition, there is CCTV on the yard and all tack rooms are fully alarmed at night.  All our clients are provided with access to a secure, locked tack room. The yard managers and staff also live on site, along with Ronnie, Reggie and Kray.